Finally, it’s planting time!

Finally, it’s planting time!

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The Rice Planting 🌾, as every year, is a highly anticipated moment that marks the beginning of our agricultural season. Delayed compared to previous years due to the numerous rains in April, we have now started off with great momentum.

In the first rice paddies, we are planting rice using a technique different from previous years: buried seeding, which places the grain into the soil. This technique, different from the traditional broadcasting seeding, allows us to protect the grain from the increasingly significant wildlife and to save more water. The paddies will be flooded with water soon, in about 15 days.

The planting process is increasingly moving towards a perfect balance between innovation, tradition, and the key to this is the knowledge of the field, the plant, and its behavior based on climatic conditions. Therefore, the role of the farmer remains fundamental, as with wisdom and attention, they can make the right choices for a product of increasingly higher quality.


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