It’s time to flood the rice paddies

It’s time to flood the rice paddies

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Isola della Scala
It’s time to FLOOD the PADDY!
The water flows slowly, slowly, until it covers all the ground and every single grain of sown rice🌱.And the rice field becomes wonder and magic at the same time 💚

It is an even greater emotion that we felt today in flooding the first paddy field of 2022, given the scarcity of water in this period … probably the flooding will occur in a much lesser way if the level of drought does not decrease in the next weeks.

The cultivation of rice has always evoked in the common imagination flooded landscapes and ponds similar to lakes where the sky and the surrounding elements are reflected … it is an idyllic and romantic landscape that today is strongly questioned due to climate change in progress.

Will the flooded rice fields still be seen? Is it possible to grow rice without water?
These are just some of the questions to which it is difficult to give an immediate and certain answer … the scenario is quite new in Italy and this is perhaps the first year in which this phenomenon presents itself in such an important way.
Certainly the flooded rice fields can be seen, perhaps not for long periods … If the rains are slow to arrive in the mountains first and then in the plains, we will move towards a rationalization of the water and therefore flooding alternating with periods of ‘dry’.More attention must therefore be paid to the rice plant to avoid a total lack of water, its source of sustenance and growth, and therefore the farmer will be called to a new challenge. He will be asked to put into play all the knowledge acquired so far and, if necessary, to foresee new behaviors to cope with this particular vintage.

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